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Historical Event Planning is HARD,

use these tools to make your life easier.



Email Tools


Streak is an amazing tool that allows you to keep your database of contacts right in Gmail on your browser. It makes sending a mail merge even easier and lets you see when you last contacted someone. My favorite part of this amazing tool is that you can use it for free. Yes, they offer more bells and whistles if you pay them, but for what most of us need in terms of staying in touch with volunteers, speakers, participants etc. this is a powerful tool. Click on the Image above to go to their site.


Mail Chimp is one of many email services out there on the internet. Especially when you are getting started they have a great free program that lets you grow up to Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. That is plenty of room while you are growing to send a weekly email with ease. Having used them for a while now I am quite happy with their editing tools and the straight forward work flow they have set up. I also love that even at the free plan I can set up automatic emails so I have less to do. Click on the Image above to go to their site.

Membership Tools


Wild Apricot is an amazingly powerful membership tool that will let you track your current members, build a website, send emails, and most importantly sell tickets for your events. This one comes highly recommended by Stacy from the Regency Society of Virginia of Episode 30. Yes, it does cost money to use but it will save you hours of time double checking membership statuses and time to update your website because of everything it automates. Click on the Image above to go to their site.

Graphics Tools


Canva is amazing. I use Canva every week. It is essentially an online version of Photoshop that anyone can use. They also have many free layouts and elements that you can utilize to create fantastic graphics and manipulate photos. This is a great tool for creating marketing material. Yes, they have a paid option but for most things you don’t need it, you don’t even need to be a paying member to use the images you do need to pay for. All in all, this is a great way to get a powerful graphic creator without paying for expensive software. Also, it’s entirely online so you can always access your work wherever you are. Click on the Image above to go to their site.