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(038) Conquering the Obstacles of Rapid Growth


“The Super Bowl ya know they have 100,000 people, and it’s a sporting event. Why can’t we get people to come history events in that kind of number? And I kinda feel like we are doing that. Someone this year said in one of their posts that it felt like the Super Bowl of WWII…

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(037) Going Deep into History


“Knowing the material you are talking about at a really great depth and then being able to use that to be able to put these connections together and to place things that might seem unplaceable to others.”   Our Guest today is Gavin Kleespies. He has been working in public history for the past 25…

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(036) Purpose Thru Focus on Your Goal


“An event you want to have a life beyond itself. The event is cool but how does that live to the next year, or to the next ten years, or to the next generation. What propels that forward?”   Wendy lives in rural VT and came to history as a profession later in life. Her…

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(035) Trust Is Key To Authentic Reenacting


    “One thing that a lot of people who do reenacting or military living history don’t understand is the guys are tight; you know how each other think, you know how each other react to things.”     Our Guest today is Scott Todd Dunkirk. Scott was born in Kankakee, ILL and raised near…

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(034) Watching History Evolve Over Time


“History really does tells us who we are and how we came to be who we are.”   Liz Covart is a historian of early American history who specializes in the cultural and political history of Revolutionary America. She is the creator and host of Ben Franklin’s World: A Podcast About Early American History and…

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