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About Helping History Happen

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I started the Helping History Happen Podcast to help initiate the conversation around how we plan events to bring history to people. Here we welcome all events from accurate recreations of a historical event thru to Live Action Role Playing set in a historically inspired setting. These are all events that allow people to interact with and learn about history.

I have seen so many individuals who have their heart in the right spot but need some help making everything come together smoothly when planning events. I have met so many people in and out of the History world who are inspired in their daily lives by history. That is why I am here doing this, for all of you wonderful people who are making History Happen one day at a time. It is my hope that Helping History Happen will give you many new ideas to implement in your events and life.

I encourage and ask for your participation. I would love to know what you find most valuable and what your opinions are in general. Your participation will help me to discover how I can help you even more. I feel history has so much to teach people and by working together, we can help each other engage more individuals in a way that doesn’t burn you out.