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Why Historical Events?

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Why is such a hard question to answer. It is something we don’t think about often, and yet it is something that has been extensively written about. In many ways, why is a feeling that is buried at a subconscious level. Love of something seems so natural but putting into words why we do it is a challenge. Here is my attempt at my Why for doing Helping History Happen.

I like to help people. I hope to make many subtle shifts in people’s lives. History is a passion of mine because I am a curious person, I enjoy learning about other cultures and people. Throughout History, we see people face the same struggles over and over. Humanity as a whole is always striving to better itself and constantly evolving. For me, historical events are a way to connect people with other cultures, people and struggles like their own.

The message of history is one of hope. When we look back at what humans have achieved without technology, we can then dare to dream of what we can accomplish today. The basics of life have not changed much over time, what has changed is how we can cover those basics. I love history because it gives me hope that we can get to a point where the basics of life are not something we need to be concerned with.

I believe that all people are equal and that none of us are better than any other person. This theme has come up many times throughout history in many different ways and with different definitions. There are still so many attitudes of ‘I am better’ or ‘they aren’t worthy of respect because’ that are hurting our society. As students of history, we often face the attitude of modern people being far superior to the people of the past. The truth is that we have access to more knowledge than ever before but that as an animal we have not truly advanced much.

For Helping History Happen my Why is this:

To help people create great historical events so that we may understand each other better and have an easier time working together in community.

About the author, Allison

Allison has been working and playing in history for the last 12 years. Her passion is helping to create fantastic events and bringing the hidden stories in history to light.

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  1. Joy Erickson on March 18, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Your Blog reminds me of an article (or Podcast I can’t remember) about the continual breaking of records in the Olympics and how it is not really due to people evolving into sronger faster human beings but rather to technology, coaching and body type selection for specific sports.

    The history of this might be a good topic for your podcast!

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