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Quest for Free Tools

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A Quest for Free Tools

I started working on Helping History Happen in earnest back in October 2016. I have been a business owner for many years. When I decided to let that business go, I did not know what I would be working on next, so I started listening and reading waiting to find my path. Yes, it sounds somewhat silly, but I had plenty of sewing to keep me busy while I was exploring. Much of the information I learned was focusing on high-end tools and techniques, but occasionally I would hear of a tool that was free and helpful.

All of that led me here to starting a new venture and knowing that I won’t reach anyone without a good marketing plan, a decent website, and the all important email list. The basics of free tools are simple; there are a few sweets of office products such as Google and Open Office. But there are many other services that if you are small or just using their simpler features, they are free. There are some things you can’t avoid; I am paying for my website and a few other services. But I am working on doing what I can for free.

So many organizations and groups have little to no budget for anything online. Doing all the work over and over is time-consuming and hence costly. If you are anything like me, it can be hard to find the right tools because there are so many options. The paid services are working to get in front of you; the free ones have less budget.

My first focus will be on email, creating a list is essential to being able to let them know when you are having an event. Second I will focus on Social Media, this area is so crucial, but difficult to cover every channel well. There are also many productivity tools with different strengths and capabilities.

Let me know what struggles you are having. What tasks are consuming your time?

About the author, Allison

Allison has been working and playing in history for the last 12 years. Her passion is helping to create fantastic events and bringing the hidden stories in history to light.

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