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Good Bye For Now

This is a brief episode announcing that the show is transitioning to a seasonal style show instead of a weekly show. I am also going to be focusing on the History Ambassadors Program and my personal life. Please do still reach out to me at helpinghistoryhappen at gmail dot com and Allison at helpinghistoryhappen dot com.…

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042 Clothing Speaks Audiences Listen Part 2


“I’d love to get in my time machine and go walk down the streets and blend in if I could and hide as an invisible person in the crowd. But No, I want to come home, to my life of being free and being able to own things and being able to not die of…

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041 Clothing Speaks Audiences Listen Part 1


“I really love the regular people. The people that are walking by on the street in the background of the painting. The people who are working in their house or are just doing regular things in regular life. That’s where I really love to study what people are wearing and how it’s cut and what…

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040 It Takes a Village to Create an Event


“Take a deep breath and smile. Because at the end, everyone goes home hopefully hale and sound and hopefully having had a good time. But it’s like getting married, in the end, you’re still married, in the end, you still had an event. And despite all the catastrophes that can go on 99% of the…

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039 Creating Educationally Impactful Performances


“I’m not going to tell the stories of these women and then shut my mouth and put a blindfold on when I see things that I don’t agree with today. So I’ve been wrestling with that because there are certain organizations that you want to perform for yet they still maintain policies that are archaic…

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