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039 Creating Educationally Impactful Performances

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“I’m not going to tell the stories of these women and then shut my mouth and put a blindfold on when I see things that I don’t agree with today. So I’ve been wrestling with that because there are certain organizations that you want to perform for yet they still maintain policies that are archaic and exclusive. It’s hard to balance the ‘Do I perform for an organization that I may not agree with everything I stand for.’ or ‘Do I perform for everyone who wants a performance.’ and that’s the catch 22 when you own a business. ”




Judith is a professional educator, actress, and historical interpreter. She graduated Magna cum Laude from Syracuse University and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Culture. She attended the Globe Education Program of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, England. In 2010 Judith founded History At Play™ to provide educational entertainment, chronicling the lives of influential and oft-forgotten women.  Judith researches, writes, produces, and performs the programs.




Judith grew up immersed in history and loving history. She has been an actress since she was a child and now uses that talent to help shift people’s views through her historical performances. One of the more surprising things that have come out of Judith’s work researching and performing so many historical women has been the way their stories have changed her over time. Telling the individual’s story in a dramatic way that can draw your audience into their experience. This allows entertainment to move to a higher educational level and leave a lasting impression.


Judith and I discuss the importance of utilizing quality entertainment to showcase forgotten stories that highlight issues we are still dealing with today. So often in history, we shy away from the idea of providing entertainment because we view that industry as shallow. What we forget is that if crafted well entertainment can be more impactful and educational than simple facts.




“The intrigue with war became a fascination with everything that surrounds war, which is, unfortunately, is human civilization. Humanity is surrounded by war. So everything you can look at historically on a timeline. You can look at events leading up to a war, and then how the aftermath changes or shifts society and then leads into another conflict.”




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About the author, Allison

Allison has been working and playing in history for the last 12 years. Her passion is helping to create fantastic events and bringing the hidden stories in history to light.

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