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(036) Purpose Thru Focus on Your Goal

By Allison Pettengill | July 26, 2017

“An event you want to have a life beyond itself. The event is cool but how does that live to the next year, or to the next ten years, or to the next generation. What propels that forward?”   Wendy lives in rural VT and came to history as a profession later in life. Her…

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(035) Trust Is Key To Authentic Reenacting

By Allison Pettengill | July 19, 2017

    “One thing that a lot of people who do reenacting or military living history don’t understand is the guys are tight; you know how each other think, you know how each other react to things.”     Our Guest today is Scott Todd Dunkirk. Scott was born in Kankakee, ILL and raised near…

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(034) Watching History Evolve Over Time

By Allison Pettengill | July 12, 2017

“History really does tells us who we are and how we came to be who we are.”   Liz Covart is a historian of early American history who specializes in the cultural and political history of Revolutionary America. She is the creator and host of Ben Franklin’s World: A Podcast About Early American History and…

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(033) Building Community Around History

By Allison Pettengill | July 5, 2017

“It’s a struggle to inspire people who are getting very little monetarily or nothing out of it. Working with volunteers and trying to keep them to stay the course when you are asking so much of them.”   Zane grew up in Texas and has been attending Renaissance Faires since he was 4. The Sherwood…

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(032) Behind The Scenes Preparing For Awesome Events

By Allison Pettengill | June 28, 2017

      “If they can go to one local historical site and realize how it connects to their lives. Or just to make something more tangible, I think that is so important, and I hope that is incorporated more and more in teaching history.”         Nicole Scholet de Villavicencio is a…

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(031) Connecting to the Past

By Allison Pettengill | June 21, 2017

“When you finally make that connection to your past, it kinda shored up my future.”   Our Guest today is Debra Yates. Debra hails from Ohio but now resides in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Being of Cherokee descent and having had stories passed down from generation to generation, she found herself drawn to family history,…

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(030) Bringing People Together

By Allison Pettengill | June 14, 2017

Stacy Weissner is a founding member of the Regency Society of Virginia and currently, serves as the event coordinator for that organization.  She grew up in central Virginia and now lives in Hampton Roads with her husband and two children.  The reenacting bug bit her while she was earning her BA in history at the…

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(029) Benefits of Working with a Travel Blogger

By Allison Pettengill | June 7, 2017

  “History Travel and Travel bloggers, in general, are a really good way to go because it makes other people think of this as an activity, not a lesson.”   Our Guest today is Stephanie Craig. Stephanie is a history travel blogger and podcaster. An avid amateur historian, she travels full-time and has visited over…

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(028) Digging into Lost Stories

By Allison Pettengill | May 31, 2017

“The research never ends. No matter how much you think you found, there’s more. And after a while, you just know it viscerally.”   Our Guest today is Richard Schwartz. Richard is a historian and the author of five different historical books about lost stories. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he graduated from Temple University with…

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(027) Planning a Year Round Strategy

By Allison Pettengill | May 25, 2017

“So you really need to look beyond just the day, two days, three weeks whatever of the event and look at the year-round presence and your year-round relationship with the people involved…. Build those long term relationships it’s great support; it’s great marketing.”     Our Guest today is Jeff Folb of Vermont Gatherings. Jeff…

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Recent Blog Posts

Why Historical Events?

By Allison Pettengill | March 16, 2017

Why is such a hard question to answer. It is something we don’t think about often, and yet it is something that has been extensively written about. In many ways, why is a feeling that is buried at a subconscious level. Love of something seems so natural but putting into words why we do it is…

Dress codes for performers and vendors.

By Allison Pettengill | March 16, 2017

How do you motivate people to follow the dress code? Dress code is a constant battle that I have seen and heard of many times. We are all familiar with the vendor who just wears everyday jeans with a loose historical shirt and calls it good or the performer who has a costume made up…

Quest for Free Tools

By Allison Pettengill | February 2, 2017

A Quest for Free Tools I started working on Helping History Happen in earnest back in October 2016. I have been a business owner for many years. When I decided to let that business go, I did not know what I would be working on next, so I started listening and reading waiting to find…

Winners of the Wool and Survey Results!

By Allison Pettengill | January 24, 2017

First I want to thank everyone who filled out the survey! I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and give me your thoughts. Helping History Happen is a new endeavor for me and one that I hope will be of use to all of us working and playing in history. The answers…

Podcast LAUNCH Announcement

By Allison Pettengill | January 11, 2017

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Podcast—Helping History Happen. For someone who loves both events and history, this is an exciting time! I loved dressing up in period costumes as a child, and that inner-child in me is still just as exhilarated as I launch this new endeavor. We’ll release two episodes…

Volunteer Care

By Allison Pettengill | November 14, 2016

Volunteers are the backbone of so many historical events. I feel volunteer care is an important subject to cover. Most groups large and small don’t have the budget to pay all the people who get things done for them. Many can’t pay anyone because they are all volunteer run. It is a constant struggle to look…

Historical Accuracy for Clothing

By Allison Pettengill | November 14, 2016

  Historical Accuracy is a tricky thing when dealing with any form of a historical event. From Movies to fairs to a single talk at a conference we have all had those moments when we rolled our eyes at something we knew wasn’t right. I have been passionate about historical clothing for 20 years. I…

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